This milestone comes just five months after release.
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Player numbers for Battlefield 2042, at least those playing on Steam, have hit an all-new milestone today! Sadly, not all milestones are good. According to both SteamCharts and SteamDB, the concurrent player count for Battlefield 2042 fell below 1,000 players for the first time.

SteamCharts showed as few as 979 players were on at once while SteamDB shows a slightly less grim count of 983 players.

Over the past 30 days, the average number of concurrent players sits at around 1,960. Again, these are only the players being tracked through Steam and do not include other platforms such as Origin, PlayStation, or Xbox. Still, this is a pretty horrible count when other details are factored in.

2018's Battlefield V is sitting at a 30-day average of 11,531 players. 2016's Battlefield 1 has an average of 4,602 players. Even Battlefield 4, which didn't even hit Steam until 2016, 3 years after initial release, has a 30-day average of 1,703 players. Of all these titles, only Battlefield 2042 has seen a decline in player counts while all the rest have seen an increase in player counts when compared to the previous month.

Halo Infinite, the other big November 2021 release, has an average player count of 5,767 over the past 30 days. Remember that EA management partially blamed Halo Infinite for 2042's issues.

Battlefield 2042's next update, which was planned to arrive in early April (looks at calendar...), is still nowhere to be seen. This update is said to include the first implementation of voice chat, a feature that was absent from the game's launch.