DICE provides a fresh look at Battlefield 2042 Specialists in action in latest gameplay reveal.
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Battlefield 2042 fans finally got a little morsel thrown their way today. After weeks of radio silence, the Battlefield Twitter finally provided some new gameplay footage that will have to do for now.

Today's new look from DICE provides us all a look at the four Specialists that were initially revealed when the game was announced. These include the Assault based Webster Mackay, the Medic known as Maria Falck, the Engineer known as Boris, and Casper the Recon Specialist.

Specialists are a bit different from traditional Battlefield classes in that each Specialist uses their own unique trait and gadgets. They are free to use whatever weapons they want to. The new trailer, released September 3, show off the first four Specialists in action. We also obviously get a new look at some of the maps, vehicles, and general gunplay you will soon get to experience in Battlefield 2042. This is the first good look at the initial Specialists and the second Specialist focused video following last month's reveal of Irish.

Mackay will make use of a Grappling Hook to quickly reach higher locations. His trait, Nimble, allows him to move more rapidly while aiming down sights or ziplining.

Falck utilizes a Syrette Pistol to dispense health to nearby teammates or herself in a pinch. She also can make use of the defibrillators to restore friendlies to life with full health (other classes revive teammates to a fraction of their health). This is part of her Combat Surgeon trait.

Boris can deploy the SG-36 Sentry System that can lock on to and take out enemies without having to be manually controlled on the battlefield. However, thanks to his Sentry Operator trait, if Boris is near the turret it is far more effective.

Finally, Casper is shown off using his Recon Drone. He can scout out the areas around him without putting himself in danger. His special trait, Movement Sensor, will alert him to the presence of any enemy that trips it.

If you hate Twitter videos, you can download the footage directly from this publicly available download link that DICE provided. This download link will expire in about a week from when this was initially posted.

A beta for Battlefield 2042 is coming later this month. An exact date for the beta has not yet been announced. I would suggest taking any dates "leaked" by "insiders" to be taken with a healthy dose of salt.