Red Dead Online Gets Same Halloween Pass for Third Year in a Row


  • Red Dead Online Gets Same Halloween Pass for Third Year in a Row

    In case there was lingering doubt that the game has been abandoned.
    A free outfit players can earn in Red Dead Online if they log in during the 2023 Halloween season.

    For the third year in a row, the same Halloween-themed content will make its way to Red Dead Online. The content is called Halloween Pass 2, which was first released in 2021 and then repeated in 2022.

    This Halloween Pass 2 still includes the same spooky themed content from years past. These items include bloody clothes, masks, skull lanterns, and more. All of the content in the pass is spread out across 15 levels that you can work your way through to unlock. Of course, if you already unlocked this same content in either 2021 or 2022, you don't really have much incentive to go through it all again this year.

    If you did not ever purchase Halloween Pass 2 in the past, you can acquire it this year for the price of 20 gold bars. These can be bought or earned by playing Red Dead Online. Alternatively, you can purchase gold bars with real world cash at a price of $10 for 25 gold bars.

    This returning pass is joined once more by a couple of returning in-game events. These events are Fear of the Dark and Dead Night. Those who choose to not purchase the pass or do anything else but log into the game during the Halloween period will get some free hats and a coat.

    The real nail in the coffin for Red Dead Online came in July 2022. Rockstar Games flatly stated that they were essentially abandoning Red Dead Online in favor of moving more team members over to working on Grand Theft Auto 6.
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