Valve Increases Security After Hackers Commandeer Several Developer Accounts


  • Valve Increases Security After Hackers Commandeer Several Developer Accounts

    Multiple games were updated with malware.
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    Valve is now implementing additional security measures for Steam developers after multiple accounts were found to be compromised. Valve is adding a new and mandatory SMS verification step for all developers after several developer accounts were compromised and their games updated with malware.

    Valve says that fewer than 100 Steam users were actually impacted by the malware, as fewer than 100 Steam users had the impacted games installed when the malware was added. These impacted users were directly notified of the malware risk via an email from Valve.

    At least one of the compromised developers, Benoît Freslon, said that his account was compromised from malware that stole his browser's access tokens. This gave the attackers access to any site or service he recently logged into. This included his Steam developer account. This is almost the exact same thing that happened to Linus Media Group earlier this year.

    Valve's new security measures were announced yesterday via the Steamworks Development community on Steam. The requirement of using at least SMS verification means that all developers will need to have a mobile phone or some way to receive text messages in order to keep updating their games. SMS verification will also be needed to add new users to their group.

    A statement issued to PC Gamer says that this forced security update is a "necessary tradeoff for keeping Steam users safe and developers aware of any potential compromise to their account."

    Valve notes that other two-factor authentication measures will be added to the Steam backend in the future. This will be good to see, because SMS verification is easily one of the least secure of all 2FA methods.
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