It's a fairly stacked month.
Screenshot from the RPG, Final Fantasy 16.

May and into June is usually when the mid-year lull begins for new game releases. Yet here we are in June 2023 and there are some big games either already out or coming out in the weeks ahead.

There are several games coming out this month, many of which you might call "bangers" that you might just happen to have your eye on. This month's poll is simple and probably a retread of a poll (or several) that have been done in the past. Look, I'm tired, it's the weekend, it's 90 degrees yet again, and the fact that I'm getting this poll up near the start of the month should be good enough.

Anyway, what game(s) are you thinking of picking up this month? Select one, select many, select all. You don't even have to intend to purchase the games right at release but if you have an interest in playing them eventually you can select them!

If there is a game not listed here, feel free to mention it in the comments below! I'm only including a handful of the many games coming out this month so maybe I missed your most anticipated.