Elden Ring players died over a billion times more than there are people on Earth right now.
An old human holding a giant, rusted ornate axe, whom has several different arms coming out of his back and sides.

The world population currently sits at about 7.96 billion people. Elden Ring players died over 9 billion times since the game's release. That is a lot of character deaths, especially since it has been just one year since Elden Ring was released.

This interesting fact was shared today to celebrate said anniversary from Bandai Namco. Not only did they share that there were 9 billion character deaths over the past year, they also shared information such as which bosses players put the most attempts into defeating. A little shocking to hear this one: The most challenging boss is Malenia, Blade of Miquella who clocked in 329 million attempts by players. I find it shocking only because Malenia is an optional boss in an area that takes a bit of effort to even access in the first place.

The full infographic can be found below. It has some neat little statistics here and there but I would have liked to have seen more. For instance, what were the most used weapons and armor? How many players perfected the game? How many times did players get embraced by Fia? How many flasks of Crimson Tears were consumed, AND what is that amount in both butts and gallons (both imperial and US versions)?

I expect to see these sorts of statistics once that Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is finally released.

Image showing several pieces of information about player statistics from the first year of Elden Ring, including details like how many times players died (9 billion), the most challenging bosses, the most used spells, and more.