40 minutes of content is planned for tomorrow's event.
Nintendo Direct September 13

Nintendo announces that a new Nintendo Direct will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13. The announcement, made through Twitter, says that the Direct will begin at 10AM (ET) and will feature "40 minutes of information" that will be "mostly" focused on new Switch games that are slated to release this Winter.

The Direct will be held through Nintendo's YouTube channel (also embedded below).

In previous years, Nintendo typically held a major showcase at some point in June. They did not do that this year. This event typically showcased the biggest titles coming to the Nintendo platform for the coming year. There are hopes that tomorrow's Direct will include information on major titles such as the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, maybe Metroid Prime 4, and other heavy hitters. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will also finally announce a Switch Pro model tomorrow.