The streamer was the target of a swatting incident this past week.
Clara "Keffals" Sorrentai

Clara "Keffals" Sorrentai is a trans streamer that does not shy away from political commentary. Last week on August 5, Keffals was arrested by Candian police after a swatting incident following a false report.

Keffals, in a new YouTube upload talking about the incident, says that the police terrorized her and has kept her locked out of various accounts. Their reasoning is because she's "still a suspect in an investigation" for crime she claims she did not commit.

Made popular for her Twitch streams and YouTube uploads where she talks about politics and LGBTQ+ issues, Keffals has not shied away from taking on topics such as J.K. Rowling's constant TERF remarks and countering transphobic comments by Helen Joyce. She has also been a staunch supporter of a California bill that would offer protections to trans youth moving to the state.

With her huge following and unwavering determination to take on issues such as transphobia, she is really no stranger to attacks against her or her beliefs. Recently, Keffals was banned from Twitch for a month for "openly talking" about the abuse she receives. She is also often the target of right-wing and alt-right streamers and YouTubers.

On August 5, Keffals says that she was woken up in the morning by police "pointing an assault rifle in [her] face." She says that someone impersonating her had emailed every city counselor in London, Ontario saying that she had killed her mom, was in possession of an illegal firearm, and planned to "got to city hall and shoot every cisgender person."

The email that was sent to those counselors was riddled with plenty of issues. First, it was apparently a grammatical mess. The email also used Keffals' deadname, something that trans people tend not to do to themselves. Deadnaming is when you use the name a transgender person used prior to transitioning and is a tactic often used by transphobic people to mock or invalidate a trans person's identity. Keffals had legally changed her name more than a decade ago.

This latest swatting incident is the second one in a week made against Keffals. On July 31, a different email sent by someone impersonating her made similar threats to various politicians in Toronto. At that particular point in time, a sergeant of that Toronto police force realized it was a misleading swatting incident. Keffals was released without any charge or making her a suspect.

This latest incident seems quite a bit more serious. the London Police Services still maintains that Keffals is a suspect in their investigation. This in spite of the police finding no weapons in her home, finding her mom very much alive, and her brother having called the police department back in March to add their family to a no-swatting list. The police denied that request in March, however. The London Police Serivces confiscated her work computer, her work and personal cellphones, as well as her fiancé's equipment.

“Instead of the police helping me, they terrorized me and my loved ones, traumatizing me and leaving both my fiancé and I on the verge of losing everything," Keffals said. "They victimized me for being the victim of a hate crime…I do not know when I am going to be returning to broadcasting on Twitch. When I was woken up by police officers and saw the assault rifle pointed at me, I thought I was going to die. I feel traumatized. I just want everyone to know what happened and to ask for help so I can seek justice for what happened to me.”
Keffals recently set up a GoFundMe page after the incident. Money raised through GoFundMe will go towards helping with moving costs and legal aid.