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New Zealand. What do you think of when you see that country mentioned? Kiwis? The place where Lord of the Rings was filmed? Perhaps you think of any of their beautiful national parks, the country's numerous wines, or even sheep and the country's ever booming sheep farming industry. But have you ever thought about a little thing called online casinos when thinking of New Zealand?

I bet you didn't.

In fact, I also bet you were not aware that New Zealand is home to some of the best casino sites with no wagering requirements. Yes, it's true. There are some really great online casinos that offer bonuses like free spins without having to spend a single cent. These tend to offer very little risk to the player who is looking to "test the waters" of a new place to play.

No wagering requirements at casinos have a lot of benefits that go beyond the obvious. Naturally, there are no risks with no wager bonuses. These bonuses are also considered to be the "most fair" bonus offered by any casino, both for the player and for the casino itself. Players can try out their luck without any financial risk to their pockets. Casinos are able to offer these bonuses as an easy and risk-free way to entice new players to try out their games and facilities.

No wagering requirements are also usually only found at the more reputable of casino establishments. Any winnings that you earn from these no wager spins will be added to your total payouts when you're done gambling. Do you really think that non-reputable casinos are going to embrace that? No, they won't. That leads into the final point that all winnings you earn from the games you play with no wagering requirements are yours to keep and withdraw as you wish.

What then are the downsides to no wagering bonuses? There are only a couple and even then, they aren't that big of a deal for most people. No wagering bonuses usually offer fewer spins than bonuses with associated wagering requirements. This was probably expected already. Another drawback to no wagering bonuses is that not every casino offers them, reputable or not. Of course, as time goes on you should see more and more locations offering no wagering bonuses and those that already do will offer more enticing offers to keep you coming back.

No wagering bonuses are great for those that either want to try something new or those who never dabbled in casino games before. If you are one who is looking for something new, be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities that will let you try the game you are interested in with little to no risk. It is entirely possible that while a game you are interested in doesn't currently offer free spins, it may very well offer them in the future.

Players should also keep an eye out on the number of free spins. As always with these, more is almost always better. Some casinos may offer more free spins than the competition. It is also important to know just how those free spins are offered to you. If a casino offers 50 free spins with no wagering requirements, are those 50 spins allowed to be used in one sitting, or do they force you to split them up over several days?

If you keep these ideas in mind, you should have no trouble finding a good, reputable casino that offers plenty of no wagering requirement opportunities.