you don't have the right, O you don't have the right therefore you don't have the right, O you don't have the right
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If you have played Elden Ring lately, and according to sales figures a lot of you have, then you've probably come across some of the "funny" messages left by other players throughout the Lands Between. Now, what if those messages made their way to other games? What if someone made a mod for another hugely popular game that added a similar message system?

That's precisely what Fallout: New Vegas modder TommInfinite did with their Building Bridges mod. As we have already alluded to, this mod allows New Vegas players to leave messages in the world for other players to find.

These player messages are displayed as scraps of paper on the ground. Just like in Elden Ring, you can rate other player's messages. If you get a lot of positive ratings, you can level up. With each new level, you are able to have more messages out at once and your messages can be longer.

Here's how it works:
  • To post your message - press "B" (by default) to initiate BB menu and choose "Post message" option.
  • At level 1 you can have up to 20 messages at the same time containing up to 115 symbols.
  • Only ASCII characters (English alphabet) are supported at the moment.
  • To like message of other user - activate message and press "Like this message".
  • You gain level by increasing your rating. Your rating is increased when people like your message.
  • You can leave only one message per cell (interior or exterior).
  • Worldspace(non-interior) consists of small separate exterior cells. You can see what cell you are in BB menu.
  • Every exterior cell can contain up to 10 messages. You usually have 8-9 non-interior cells loaded when you are outside.
  • Every interior cell can contain up to 35 messages.
  • Messages for which you don't have a plugin installed (TTW,Project Brazil, etc) are not processed and are not counted towards messages fetched.
  • Messages will only get removed if there they exceed the limit for the location (10 for exterior cell and 35 for interior cell). This is done so new player can leave their messages to already populated locations.
  • Messages are not save-baked - they are loaded from server on each game start.
You will obviously need an internet connection for this mod to work properly. You also need a few other required mods and plugins to get this mod to work to its full potential. All details, including installation instructions can be found on the Building Bridges mod page.