The game just keeps getting better and better.
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Here it is, the year 2022 and No Man's Sky is still getting massive updates six years after its initial release. Hello Games just released the free Sentinel Update. Today's update includes, among other things, a pretty substantial overhaul to combat.

Hello Games says that this update will provide a "more dynamic and impactful combat experience." This includes a variety of new weapons like a Neutron Cannon, a cloaking device, and a stun grenade. Players can now also upgrade current weapons with new abilities. You are also now able to put an AI into your Minotaur Exomech to make it an automated bodyguard.

The enemy Sentinels are also getting some upgrades. There are now several new types of Sentinels. Some will have shields, they'll be able to repair, some will call for backup, while others just dish out a lot of damage. There is also the Sentinel Hardframe Mech. These are heavily armored mechs that come loaded with lasers, grenades, a flamethrower, and a jetpack.

Sentinel Pillars are mysterious activities that will offer players with some exclusive rewards. It almost sounds like a small raid or dungeon that players can partake in. Players will infiltrate a "robotic archive" and uncover new story elements, find loot, and fight Sentinels throughout.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as this update is concerned. There are a ton of other new features included. The Multi-tool now has enhanced visuals. The PC release now supports AMD FedelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) along with DLAA support for those with Nvidia RTX cards. DLSS has been updated to version 2.3.0 for RTX owners. Loading, physics, and memory have been optimized.

There are also a bunch of other new technologies and items. Teleporting within the same systems has been made faster. Various visual improvements have been made to a number of areas.

No Man's Sky is also ready for the launch of Steam Deck thanks to Steam Deck specific optimizations. Base building has again been expanded. You can now have up to 18 companions. Companions have also been given a number of improvements including better pathfinding.

Hello Games also says that the Exobiology Expedition will begin soon. All of this, and more, is topped off with a number of bug fixes on all platforms.

If you don't have No Man's Sky yet, you can pick it up right now for 50% off for your platform of choice, including through Steam.

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