It's the first free skin pack.
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Those of you who own Dying Light 2 can now download the "Authority" skin pack. This is the first of the game's DLC with another pack, "Ronin," coming along shortly.

Today's Authority pack release offers up gear that covers the chest, legs, and feet. The second part of this release comes on February 16 and adds in gauntlets, a windbreaker, and arm guards. Finally, on February 18, you will get the two-handed Authority hammer.

You will have to manually add this free DLC to your account. Just head on over to your preferred platform's store product page and claim the DLC.

That aforementioned Ronin pack will let you roam The City "as a masterless samurai." That will also be rolled out over three updates.

The first part (available from today) contains:
  • Intimidating Jacket—Put on this jacket and fight for justice!
  • Intimidating Cargo Pants—They'll hold everything you'll need to enforce the law.
  • Intimidating High-tops—Stand up for what's right with these unique high-tops.

The second part (available Feb. 16) will contain:
  • Intimidating Gauntlets—These may not restore law and order in a flash, but they'll definitely make it easier.
  • Intimidating Windbreaker—Bring down the rule breakers with this windbreaker.
  • Intimidating Leather Guards—Use these leather guards to help you keep the peace.

The third part (available Feb. 18) will bring:
  • The two-handed Authority hammer—With this in your arsenal, they'd better follow the rules.
Techland also passed along word that they're doing a contest for fans that could net them a pretty powerful and customized PC. Created by Nate Gentile, this PC includes an RTX 3090, Intel i9 12900k CPU, an unspecified amount and speed of RAM, an ASUS ROG Z690-F motherboard, customized Corsair Hydro X Series liquid cooler, and a Corsair RM1000x 80 Plus Gold PSU.

To enter, you'll have to make a 30-second long video of your best clip from Dying Light 2 and upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or VK with the #DyingLight 2 and #DL2Contest hashtags by February 19 at 5PM (CET). Full details and rules can be found here.

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