These aren't your father's standard issue helmets here.
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Some more data for Halo Infinite was pulled from the recent Technical Test for the game. While there were already some leaks concerning the game's storyline, which we will not talk about here, today's leaks concerns some multiplayer content.

Specifically, we have a look at some of the armor designs that seem to be planned for Halo Infinite's multiplayer component along with some images of maps that were not included in the recent test.

The leaked images were first shared by craig_of_the_banished on Instagram. Below, you can see some "typical" armor designs along with a few more whacky ones. Some of the "whacky" ones include a snowman head for a helmet (we have heard this may not be a helmet at all), a samurai warrior, a helmet with horns, and more.

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On top of that, there were some multiplayer map images also shared. They were originally shared via Twitter user @LeakyHalo, but they have since been pulled through copyright claims. Thankfully, the images were saved and reshared by MP1ST. The images of the maps don't really show all that much. For instance, we do not know the map names nor do we get anything more than these small splash screen style views.

It should also be noted that none of this information is set in stone. Some of this content may be placeholder, or released later, or never released at all.
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