Get your hands on a pre-alpha build of the game right now.
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Company of Heroes 3 was announced today and has already been in development for several years. If you cannot wait until the game's planned 2022 release, you can play a pre-alpha build of the game right now. All you need to do is head on over to the Company of Heroes website and sign up for the COH-Development Program.

For those not in the know, Company of Heroes is a strategy title that focuses on, you guessed it, World War II. The first game made its debut in 2006 and won several awards from all sorts of media outlets. It then went on to get two expansions, which people also seemed to largely enjoy. Then came Company of Heroes 2 in 2013, which wasn't quite as loved as the first title, but it also wasn't terrible.

Company of Heroes 3 takes the war to Italy and North Africa. Players will be able to tackle scenarios and battles as Germany, the UK, and the US in multiplayer. In the campaign itself though, you will only be playing as the Allies.

Apparently, Relic Entertainment says that you will be able to wipe out enemy forces just from the turn-based map before the RTS battles ever commence. They say that whatever you can do during the RTS battles, you will be able to do on the map ahead of time. Apparently, this is a bit like the Total War approach to battles. There will also be systems such as a tactical pause that lets you freely examine the map, along with the ability to queue up commands while paused.

Once again, players will be able to destroy a good portion of their environment. Buildings? Foilage? Vehicles? Go ahead and mess them up however much you want to.

You can find the announcement trailer below. A gameplay trailer can be found on YouTube, since I know already they won't allow it to be embedded on sites because lolYouTube.

Also, there seems to be a massive Company of Heroes franchise sale going on right now via Steam. You should check that out.