Enjoy a limited time in-game event for the Fourth.
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Whether or not you celebrate the Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day here in the States, you can still enjoy a special in-game event for Dying Light. From July 1 - July 11 you can participate in a special event that allows players to kill infected using fireworks. Furthermore, there is also a big discount on the game that takes up to 75% off of the normal price.

So here's the details on the in-game event. If you kill 50 infected with fireworks, you will get a random Gold Melee Weapon. These kills will go towards a global objective goal of 10,000,000 infected kills with fireworks. Hitting this goal will earn everyone three King Mods to use. Players are able to pick up five fireworks from the Quartermaster each day. I'm guessing maybe that they mean each in-game day?

Also of note is that from now through to July 8, you can pick up Dying Light for 66% off for the Standard Edition. The Enhanced Edition is 70% off. The Platinum Edition is 75% off. The price discounts and end dates are due to the still ongoing Steam Summer Sale.

Techland also released a new "gamer-themed skin pack" for Dying Light. This "Savvy Gamer Bundle gives players a chance to unleash their inner nerd and wield DIY gamer-gear-themed weapons, wear a sick RGB-LED outfit, and burn rubber in a brand-new 1337 buggy skin." If you can get over how much cringe was included in that sentence, this pack might be for you. You can pick it up for $2.99 starting today.

The full list of new skins available in the bundle:
  • RGB AXE-Pad - a one-handed axe with added shock damage on consecutive hits
  • Next-Gen Maul - an epic two-handed hammer that deals shock damage during charged attacks
  • Bow - “LED Meta Bow”
  • Player Outfit - “1337 G4m3R Outfit”
  • Buggy Skin - “4wheelz”