The Control developer just added another to the list.
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Remedy Entertainment confirmed that they are starting work on their sixth title. That is six titles that they have announced that are in various stages of development. That seems like a lot for a studio that has around 300 employees at last check.

This announcement came from a Q1 2021 "business review" from Remedy. CEO Tero Virtala says that as of last quarter "almost all of our internal Control developers have now moved on to work on other Remedy projects, including a new, exciting early-phase project." When asked if this was a new project separate from the others that Remedy announced, Virtala says, "yes, we have a new project, but it is in very, very early stages."

There were no other details to share on this new project just yet.

This now means that Remedy is working on single player modes for the FPS games of CrossfireX and Crossfire HD, two projects for Epic Games, a co-op F2P title called Vanguard, and this new project. To date, Remedy has shipped just 9 games since they were founded in 1996.