A great game is stuck hidden in a mediocre game.
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Homefront: The Revolution is a rather ho-hum title that did not receive much praise at or after release. Thankfully, the game does have one redeeming factor and that is the newly revealed fact that there is a 4K remaster of the entirety of TimeSplitters 2 hidden somewhere within Homefront: The Revolution.

We already knew that the game contained a couple of levels, but the revelation that the entirety of TimeSplitters 2 is included is entirely new information. This reveal came from former Crytek developer Matt Phillips. Phillips was responding to a Twitter thread that asked developers to share their favorite Easter eggs that they have hidden in their games.

Phillips goes on to say that he even "ported the network stack to ride on top of (Homefront's) co-op mode. If, and that's a big if, anyone was able to hack two or more arcades into one of the co-op maps, it'll boot to the multiplayer menu."

That's amazing! But there's a problem here.

Phillips says that he does not have the code to access the full game anymore. He admits that he gave it to a friend once, but mods of a Discord channel didn't believe them and ended up banning their account.

"The unlock code has been lost to time, I don't have the notebook with it in any more. I once gave it to a friend to leak in some Discord channel and they called him a liar and banned his account."