This action packed title hits Xbox Game Pass in January.
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The update to Xbox Game Pass on January 5 will include an intense 4v4 arcade-style action-platformer courtesy of Killer Queen Black. This eight-player title from Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games features tactical gameplay. Each team features one Queen and three Workers. The Queen can fly around and attack with a stinger sword. She can also get special power-ups by taking special gates around the arena.

Workers, on the other hand, are more utilitarian. They collect berries that will fill up the hive to provide special power-ups like speed boosts. They can also transform into Soldiers. They will get Swords, Laser Rifles, Morning Stars, and more that will allow them to attack other Workers or even the opposing Queen.

Killer Queen Black features seven single-screen maps that "make all characters and strategies visible at all times." There are various roads to victory besides just full on destruction. They include Economic victories, Military, and Snail. If you fill up your hive with berries, you earn an Economic victory. Slowly ride a snail to the team's goal to secure a Snail victory. Military is pretty straight-forward: Take out the opposing Queen three times to earn that victory.

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Beyond fast reflexes and keen tactics, Killer Queen Black encourages communication. Gather friends locally or on Xbox Live to form two teams of four. Play in private matches with friends only or join matchmaking to test those Queen skills around the world.

“We’re happy to bring Killer Queen Black to Xbox Game Pass and expand our community even further, thanks to cross-platform support,” said Matt Tesch, co-founder of Liquid Bit. “Our game’s arcade-inspired nature thrives when new players get to learn the ins and outs of everything, from how to fly like a champ to how to pull off sneaky Snail Victories.”