Click image for larger versionName:	David Dague Headshot.jpgViews:	0Size:	309.2 KBID:	3506887Iron Galaxy welcomes DeeJ to their team.

Iron Galaxy Studios, a studio that focuses mainly on ports of games and their own software, just announced that former Bungie Communications Director David "DeeJ" Dague is their new Head of Communications. Alongside this news comes word that Chief Operation Officer Chelsea Blasko is being named the co-CEO alongside Adam Boyes.

If you have played Destiny at any point in the past several years, you probably have seen something posted from DeeJ. He was one of the main faces of Destiny for quite a long while, which is probably a given since he was the communications director and all.

Renowned for his work on the launch team for the Destiny franchise at video game developer Bungie, new hire David Dague has built exceptional teams that create inclusive, vibrant online communities that engage players. David will be building on his previous success with the creation of a new community team at Iron Galaxy.

“David had an amazing run at Bungie. I had the pleasure of working with him on Destiny’s launch when I was at PlayStation,” said Adam Boyes, Co-CEO, Iron Galaxy Studios. “He has built world class teams and we couldn’t be happier about having him join our studio to lead the communications function at Iron Galaxy especially during the development of our new IP.”

"Video games bring people together in the spirit of friendly competition,” said David Dague, Head of Communications, Iron Galaxy Studios. “This opportunity with Iron Galaxy is a chance to welcome players into a community that we will build with them. There is nothing more exciting than witnessing players discover a brand-new game and come together to define its culture. I’m thrilled to be tackling these challenges with my new teammates."

“Despite the myriad challenges presented by the pandemic, Iron Galaxy continues to grow,” said Chelsea Blasko, Co-CEO, Iron Galaxy Studios. “The studio has expanded from 140 to more than 175 people this year. Our supportive work-from-home culture ensures our staff feels cared for and valued as individuals. Our focus on creativity, communication, diversity, and inclusion has helped us attract and retain the best talent in the business.”