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Marvel's Avengers cosmetics

A recent in-game event saw the price of cosmetics within Marvel's Avengers go for considerably cheaper than normal. Following the event, it looked likes Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have decided to make these price reductions permanent.

Marvel's Avengers has not had the smoothest of launches. That may be putting it mildly. Player counts on Steam are in the gutter, to the tune of roughly a few hundred every day instead of multiple thousands. This has had significant impacts on matchmaking for the game. Either it takes quite a long time to find a match or it's just unable to find anybody.

The game certainly has its fair share of issues, one of which was undoubtedly the high price of cosmetics within the in-game store. According to calculations made by PC Gamer, just one "epic takedown" cosmetic came out to be roughly $12 (USD) of real world currency to purchase. $12 just for a fancy animated finishing move. That's pretty damn steep no matter how you cut it.

Thankfully a recent in-game event saw the cost of epic takedowns, costumes, and emotes drop significantly. A pop-up now greets players when they log in saying that those once temporary price reductions are now permanent. The prices look to be cut in half in most cases, with epic takedowns going for just 600 credits, or roughly $6.

Furthermore, legendary emotes are now just 500 credits, epic emotes are 250 credits, and rare emotes are a mere 125 credits.