Get ready to enter into the virtual battlefield of WWII.
Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

During today's Facebook Connect, Respawn Entertainment and EA announced that their VR focused AAA-experience, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will be released on December 11, 2020. The companies say that this title "blends films and games into one."

It will be available through the Oculus Store for Rift owners and through Steam with OpenVR support and features cross-platform play.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is said to take the series back to its roots with boots-on-the-ground World War II action. Despite this claim, there will be some moments where you are jumping from planes or sliding down mountainsides on your way to sabotage Nazi bases.

Those playing through the single player campaign will be joined by AI companions including a veteran sergeant and a young British medic. A couple of franchise favorites such as Manon Batiste and Dr. Gronek will also make appearances.

The single player campaign also aims to tell one of the most immersive World War II stories yet in a robust and emotionally-driven first-person experience. The team at Respawn has spent the past four years and hundreds of hours interviewing veterans of the war, and traveled to the places where history happened, in order to get the emotional tone of the game right. The team also captured more than 120 pages of stunning performance capture - an entire movie’s worth of narrative performance - to supplement the moving tale of heroism and sacrifice.
There will also be a number of multiplayer modes included with the game. Steam will allow for cross-platform play across multiple devices. However, EA and Respawn are keeping the lid on multiplayer for just a bit longer and will provide further details "in the months ahead."

For the latest on the game's development, you can check out the latest developer blog at

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