Lazlow was a writer, producer, and DJ for Rockstar's various games.
Lazlow Jones in GTA5

You may know him best for his work as a radio DJ for various Grand Theft Auto radio stations, but Lazlow Jones was far more than that. Lazlow served as a writer and producer for Rockstar Games for nearly 20 years. The departure was spotted by YouTuber GTAMen. They noted that the LinkedIn profile for Lazlow Jones was updated to show the departure from Rockstar.

Jones had reportedly left Rockstar back in April 2020. He is now working on a number of shows for both Disney and Netflix and as a consultant for an undisclosed video game company.

He had helped to create a number of Rockstar's best and most well-known titles in his 20 years with the studio. These include Red Dead Redemption, Bully, and yes, Grand Theft Auto. Though most fans will undoubtedly remember him most for his in-game personality and as the host of numerous in-game radio stations for Grand Theft Auto.

He was the host of the fantastic Chatterbox FM radio station in Grand Theft Auto III, the host of V-Rock in Vice City, and the host of Fame or Shame in Grand Theft Auto V. Though not as prevalent in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas outside of WCTR, Lazlow was responsible for co-writing and producing all of the in-game radio.