Journey returns for a second season for those that never stopped believin'.
GWENT Journey Season 2

Journey, a progression system that rewards players as they level up, is back for a second go in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. From that brief description there, it does sound like Journey is a season pass of sorts. Players can play and earn victories in the game's Standard, Seasonal, and Arena mode matches. When they do this, they gain experience that levels up their Journey and unlocks new rewards over time.

Season 2 of Journey offers over 100 levels and even more rewards than the first season did. These rewards include "unique ornaments and special points, which players can redeem for items available in GWENT's in-game Reward Book." Journey will last for three months for this go around. There will also be a new story that focus on Ciri, with new chapters published each week in addition to a "selection of related quests."

Much like many other Season Pass type offerings out there, there is both a free and premium tier to this Journey. Journey on its own is free to all players. However, if you purchase the Premium Pass you get instant access to Ciri's legendary leader skin. The Premium Pass also grants additional rewards that can be unlocked. Some of these rewards include card kegs, titles, borders, animated cards, animated avatars, and more.

If you are just flush with cash, you can even purchase an instant Journey progression boost. Details on that can be found on the specially dedicated Journey website.

The silver lining to all of this? GWENT remains a free to play game. You can play it right now on PC via GOG or Steam, as well as on Android and iOS.