No, not that ESA, the other ESA!
Kerbal Space Program & ESA

Private Division and Squad have just announced a special partnership with the European Space Agency, or ESA for short. This partnership will see a special update released for Kerbal Space Program called Shared Horizons. This new content is scheduled for release to everyone that owns the game on PC on July 1, 2020. Console owners won't be left in the dark, cold expanse of space though. They will get this content "later this year."

Shared Horizons will add in two new missions to the game. This content includes these cornerstone missions that will be led by Europe's chief space organization, the landmark rocket Ariane 5, an ESA-themed space suit for Kerbals, new parts, and science experiments for players to doncut.

The first of these two new missions is called CepiColombo. The mission will actually recreate the ESA still ongoing mission with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) where they are headed to Mercury. Like the real-world counterpart, those playing Kerbal will attempt to launch, reach orbit around Moho (in-game version of Mercury), and then land on the planet. During the process, players will also ahve to carry out various scientific tasks from the actual ESA mission.

The second mission is called Rosetta and will "pay tribute to the successful landing on a Jupiter-family comet. Like the real-world counterpart, this mission will allow you to gather important data on the comet's environment. It also probably won't be easy to accomplish.
Kerbal and ESA