You know, in case you avoided the spoilers.
The Last of Us Part II

Neil Druckmann, the Director for The Last of Us Part II, took to the PlayStation Blog today to share a new story trailer for The Last of Us Part II. The upcoming action title is still on track for its June 19 release date on the PlayStation 4. The game recently went gold and now today we're getting a brand-new story focused trailer.

Today's new story trailer gives you just a little bit of a hint of what the story will focus on in The Last of Us Part II. If you have managed to avoid the massive amounts of spoilers from the past week, this story trailer will probably be just fine to watch. I get the feeling you won't want to go and read the comments on this trailer though. In fact, let me go check to see if my assumption is correct.

Oh hey, I was wrong. It seems as though PlayStation disabled comments and the like/dislikes on this trailer. Now, the same probably can't be said about the recommended videos on the side of the page. Maybe you should just play it safe and watch the embedded video below. I can't imagine people would post unmarked spoilers in here, but if they do, I'll be sure to take care of them as soon as I can.

The last few weeks have been eventful, and with our new release date confirmed and development of The Last of Us Part II complete, we’re now just over a month away from launch on June 19, 2020. It’s a surreal feeling, to say the least. This project represents not only years of hard work and passion from everyone here at Naughty Dog, but the continuation of a journey that began with Ellie, Joel, and each of you about seven years ago. There have been some twists and turns, but we’re so lucky to have had you with us every step of the way. Your enthusiasm and support means so much to everyone here at the studio.

As we ramp up for this final stretch before The Last of Us Part II arrives in your hands, there’s still more we’re looking forward to sharing with you, beginning with the debut of our all-new story trailer that provides a brief look into the next chapter in Ellie and Joel’s story.

The pace is only going to pick up from here, so keep an eye out for more exciting news as we count the weeks, days, and hours until The Last of Us Part II launches. Lastly, since many of you have asked, we’re happy to say pre-orders are back up, including digital versions of The Last of Us Part II on PlayStation Store and physical copies at participating retailers around the world. Physical copies will also be available to purchase at launch, but may vary by region and retailer. Check with your local stores to find out more.

Until then, take care of yourselves!

Neil Druckmann - Director, The Last of Us Part II