It's not new, but at least it's something.
Burnout Paradise Remastered Switch

Electronic Arts has largely ignored Nintendo's platforms for a number of years now. Even when they released a handful of games on Nintendo platforms, they usually just released feature stripped versions of a few of their sports titles like FIFA. Well, it seems as though EA may slowly be coming back to Nintendo. It begins with a low risk testing of the waters.

Later in 2020, EA will release Burnout Paradise Remastered on the Nintendo Switch. This isn't exactly a big get for the Switch, but it is at least something from EA. Burnout Paradise originally came out in January 2008 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Burnout Paradise Remastered made its debut in March of 2018 for the current generation of consoles and then again in August for the PC via Origin. The Remastered release includes all of the original release's downloadable content, support for up to 4K resolutions, 60FPS support on all platforms, and other minor visual enhancements.

For the upcoming Switch release, EA says that the game will be "fully optimized and enhanced" for the Switch. This should include 60FPS framerates and the ability to zoom in and out of the map by using pinch and pull on the Switch's touch screen. Just as the case was when the game came out on other platforms, this release will include the base game, all eight add-on packs including Big Surf Island, and support for online play.

“We want to give players more choice by delivering games they love to the platforms they want to play on,” said Steve Pointon, SVP, 3rd Party Content. “Burnout Paradise Remastered is a high-octane, action-packed experience for a whole new generation of players on the Nintendo Switch who can soon experience the excitement of an open world racing game anywhere, anytime.”

Burnout Paradise Remastered delivers the complete original game and all additional main DLC packs ever released, including the Cops and Robbers pack, Legendary Cars, Burnout Bikes, and Big Surf Island, with new locations, challenges, and vehicles to discover. Send cars launching, spinning, and scraping through the city, and wreck friends online or join forces to demolish hundreds of online challenges.