Get a look at three special units coming in the latest Stronghold release.
Stronghold Warlords

Firefly Studios, the team that brought the "classic castle builder" Stronghold, has offered up a new look at Stronghold: Warlords today. Today's announcement offers a taste of three special units included in the game: Mongolian Horse Archer, Chinese Fire Lancer, and General.

These three units are set to be exclusive to the new Military Academy structure. They will all each possess a "historically accurate ability that can turn the tide of battle in your favor." You can get a better understanding of each of these special units courtesy of Firefly Studios.

Mongolian Horse Archer
Building on their colt following in the Stronghold series, Mongolian Horse Archers are perfect for dealing with Tribesmen intent on crippling your economy. By outmanoeuvring pesky scouts long before they can get near your farms and peasants, your horse lords can make quick work of lightly armoured troops and exposed siege equipment. Get in there and stirrup trouble!

Fire Lancer
Inspired by the Jin-Song Wars of ancient China, the Fire Lancer can make rival players blazing mad with their ‘Immolate’ ability. Kick ash and make flames by burning enemy Laddermen before they can send their army over your castle walls and into your keep. Shield them with Mantlets and other units and you’ll soon warm up to the Fire Lancers as a vital component in your attacking forces.

In a break from series tradition, Stronghold: Warlords introduces new ways to boost the spirits of your soldiers. Now you can give them morale, instead of just more ale! In Warlords an inspired siege force that would otherwise clash fruitlessly against enemy walls might survive long enough to breach their defences. With the help of a commanding General players can boost nearby units and take out siege defences, archers and traps, allowing your siege to succeed.

Stronghold: Warlords blends together RTS and city building. It's slated to be released on Steam in 2020. You can always find out more about the game at the Stronghold: Warlords website.

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