To start with, there are so many certificates in the IT market offered by qualitative tech organizations. In this regard, there’s Cisco as one of the companies providing globally recognized IT credentials to candidates with different skill and experience levels.

This corporation offers various certifications helping specialists, well-versed in their field become in-demand experts in the networking industry. Cisco provides its qualifying documents at the following levels such as Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect. The higher the badge you gain, the more advanced skills you possess and the more valuable employee you become.

Moving closer to the topic, get to know about CCNP Collaboration. This credential is of the professional level and equips candidates with deep knowledge of implementation, organization, verification, and troubleshooting of communications applications, networks, and devices. These skills are assessed in the Cisco 300-075 (Implementing Cisco IP Telephony and Video, Part 2) exam that defines your success.

Take into account also that there will be three more exams to award you with CCNP Collaboration, and these are 300-070 (CIPTV1), 300-080 (CTCOLLAB), and 300-085 (CAPPS).

So, the Cisco 300-075 exam will be discussed on further in the article.

CCNP Collaboration Certification Overview and Prerequisites
Hence, the CCNP Collaboration certification is one of the Cisco credentials offered at the professional level. It’s been developed for exam takers seeking to showcase their capability in implementing Cisco Unified Collaboration solutions and class technologies in multisite natured environments. In other words, the badge is designed to prove network engineers’ experience and skills in the effective use of video conferencing and organization of voice communication.

As a precondition, you must preliminary own CCNA Collaboration or any CCIE/CCDE credential.

Cisco 300-075 (CIPTV2) Exam Details
The exam assesses applicants’ knowledge and skills required to implement Cisco IP Telephony as well as Video technologies. They must, thereby, demonstrate the skills needed to deploy highly scalable and safe routers linking LANs, IPv6, and WANs. In particular, the test will validate your expertise in:

Collaboration Edge, Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) Video Service Attributes, VCS Control, Description, and Centralized Call Processing Redundancy Implementation, Implementation of Call Control Discovery/ILS, Description and Configuration of Multi-Site Dial Plan for CUCM, Call Admission Control and Implementation of Bandwidth Management on CUCM, and Video Mobility Features Implementation.

Here are other exam details:
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Number of questions: 50-60
  • Cost: $300
  • Language: English

Program Migration
This Cisco 300-075 test is among the exams to be retired on 23rd February 2020 and thus, pave the way for a Cisco’s new program’ tests and credentials. As from February 24th, 2020, you’ll be asked to take new assessments replacing the current one to attempt the CCNP Collaboration badge. Thus, you’ll have to take one core exam 350-801 by code and one concentration test, here’ you’ll have to choose the one out of the four available 300-810, 300-815, 300-820, 300-835).

In case you’ve already started to work for the current CCNP Collaboration, don’t bother and go ahead. You’ll be awarded credits for any work completed by the last exam date.

Consequently, the Cisco 300-075 test is the first important step towards gaining CCNP Collaboration that opens to its’ holders substantial opportunities highlighted below.

10 Reasons for Success in Networking with Cisco 300-075 Exam
The CCNP Collaboration certification is ideal for highly experienced professionals who have long been in the networking field. Let's now look at more benefits of this credential.
  1. Increased Job Opportunities
    Once candidates sit for and pass the Cisco 300-075 exam, they become eligible to get the CCNP Collaboration certification opening up numerous job positions like IT manager, network engineer, network administrator, system manager, and many more.
  2. Skills Recognition
    Getting a credential from the trusted Cisco corporation is one of the best ways to showcase its owner’s advanced skills and knowledge in computer networking, also by having obtained qualitative training in the IT industry.
  3. Keeping Up with Latest Technology
    Technology is evolving at a rapid rate. An effective way to ensure you advance in a career is by staying abreast with new methods which is exactly what a serious professional does.
  4. Advanced Training
    When studying for the Cisco 300-075 exam, you will learn and hone your knowledge of different computer networking areas like network design, configuring, installation, and troubleshooting. This experience, together with the training obtained, will prepare you for enhanced career opportunities and become prized in the future.
  5. Self-Confidence
    The CCNP Collaboration credential can act as morale and confidence booster. With this certification, you’ll apply for any job by complying with education and technical requirements. The confidence will come from realizing that you have great skills and a prestigious certification in a constantly evolving field.
  6. Attractive Resume
    As a rule, your CV offers a picture of the high level of education, skills, and working experience. So, CCNP Collaboration put on the resume will be essential for the potential employer seeing you as a professional increasing productivity and so, becoming a valuable asset to them.
  7. Moving towards Advanced Credentials
    The majority of Cisco badges act as a step to get more advanced credentials, which means that getting CCNP Collaboration prepares exam takers for further education.
  8. Getting Insight into Networking Industry
    A crucial thing that an individual obtains with the CCNP Collaboration credential is insightful knowledge about the Cisco UC networking field. Also, when preparing to pass the Cisco 300-075 exam, you spend long hours studying daily, which motivates you to work in this beneficial industry. By getting the certification, you demonstrate own understanding of the requirements and possessing relevant skills in the field to formulate relevant solutions.
  9. Ensured Promotions
    Besides assisting you to advance your networking career, passing exam 300-075 and getting the CCNP Collaboration credential places you in a better position when the company is promoting workers. If you plan to change the organization, this credential will assist you in getting a decent job right away instead of starting from the basics.
  10. High Salary
    Obtaining the credential qualifies you for a range of employment opportunities and a possibility to earn good money. ZipRecruiter provides salaries for CCNP professionals such as $108,471 on average per annum.

How Can Practice Tests Enhance Your Preparation?
Still, with the numerous benefits to obtain, getting the CCNP Collaboration credential requires you to prepare well and pass the required tests.

In this view, here comes, a reliable platform that provides candidates with practice tests and a study guide for qualitative groundwork. The Cisco 300-075 practice tests contain trusted questions that will appear in the real exam in 80-85% of cases! Some files are free, still, you can also get the paid premium file checked by IT experts as well.

The questions measure your understanding by using varied approaches. Also using the questions available through the ETE Player for the exam would be useful in gauging your readiness for the test.

Otherwise, you can opt for using valid learning resources by the certifying provider. They include classroom training, e-learning, study groups, and practice tests.

It can be stated that the plurality of organizations worldwide is searching for CCNP Collaboration certified networking professionals to hire. These specialists play a vital role in ensuring stable networks and enhanced collaboration across applications, networks, and devices. For many businesses, recruiting a CCNP Collaboration professional is a game-changer.

While getting this badge can be labor-intensive, preparing well for the Cisco 300-075 exam will make the big difference for you. Surely, don’t forget about PrepAway and its valuable and updated materials such as practice tests. Revise the material with them, and exam success will be forthcoming!