Blizzard continues to feel the impact of their ban of Hearthstone player Blitzchung.
Mitsubishi logo

It has been noticed by a number of Hearthstone fans that Mitsubishi's logo was no longer showing up during a recent Asia Pacific tournament for the game. Those on Reddit first noticed the missing logo. From there, it was confirmed by Mitsubishi that they have pulled their sponsorship from Blizzard.

This confirmation was made to The Daily Beast. Specifically, the branch that pulled its sponsorship from Blizzard was Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan, the Taiwanese branch of the Japanese auto company. Anybody who has paid even a small bit of attention to world news over the years knows that Taiwan is often "at odds" with the Chinese government, much like Hong Kong has been for most of this year.

A spokesperson for Mitsubishi noted that the sponsorship was pulled just two days after Blizzard announced that they were banning Hearthstone professional player Blitzchung and two tournament commentators. After a huge amount of pressure from consumers, politicians, and even their own employees, Blizzard lessened their ban and issued a laughably pathetic excuse that all but the most diehard of fans rolled their eyes at. The Mitsubishi spokesperson declined to comment further.

News about Mitsubishi pulling their sponsorship comes just a day out from the start of BlizzCon 2019. Following a fairly large number of convenient leaks, this year's event will very possibly include announcements for Diablo 4, Diablo 2 Remaster, and a new Lich King focused World of Warcraft expansion called Shadowlands. Overwatch 2 is also thought to be announced. It will supposedly include a story mode and include the multiplayer from the first game with some significant changes.

These leaks really surged in the past couple of weeks. Unsurprisingly, a not insignificant number of consumers have voiced their excitement over these rumors and leaks while brushing aside or outright forgetting the company's deplorable actions.