New update will allow you to become a bounty hunter, trader, or collector.
Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games provided the first details on their upcoming Red Dead Online update. This update, currently set for a September 10 release, will introduce new specialized roles in addition to a new gameplay mechanic that they are calling Frontier Pursuits.

Frontier Pursuits will be an ongoing series of roles that players can assume. For instance, if you prefer to hunt the wildlife, maybe you'll want to become a Trader and supply the Cripps Trading Company with animal materials. Each role, no matter which one you choose, will have a variety of unique pursuits to embark upon. There are also unique items and skills that you can obtain as you rank up during these Frontier Pursuits.

Rockstar says that though there are three roles to begin with, additional Frontier Pursuits will be added over time. Each role will automatically earn you XP as you complete activities. If you complete a bounty, you'll earn XP towards the Bounty Hunter role, for example. If you find a collectible, you'll get XP towards the Collector role, and so on. There will be 20 different Role Ranks in each Pursuit. A new "tier of distinction" unlocks at every 5 ranks. Each new Role Rank earns Role Tokens and skills. The Tokens can be used to purchase Role specific items like a unique Stew Pot or Gun Belt for the Trader.

Those who reach the top ranks in a role will get unique clothing options in addition to all of the bonus perks that go with each role. Here are some of the unique abilities and items that the Bounty Hunter Role will have, as an example.

Unique Bounty Hunter skills and items include:
  • Focus: Targets glow red in Eagle Eye
  • Reinforced Lasso: A lasso made with reinforced rope to keep bounties secure
  • Reverse Spin: Perform a Reverse Spin with a single pistol or revolver
  • Tonics Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Tonics Pouch
  • Eagle Eye+: Track enemies while sprinting or galloping
  • Spin Up: Perform a Spin Up with a single pistol or revolver
  • Kit Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Kit Pouch
  • Tracking Arrow Pamphlet: A pamphlet recipe on how to craft Tracking Arrows
  • Reverse Spin Up: Perform a Reverse Spin Up with a single pistol or revolver
  • Ducking: Duck for protection while on horseback
  • Bolas: A thrown weapon, perfect for tangling the legs of bounties
  • Bounty Wagon: A wagon for securely retaining bounty targets
  • Perception: Receive a notification of bounties from a greater distance
  • Alternating Flips: Perform Alternating Flips with a single pistol or revolver
  • Dual Gun Spinning: Perform gun spinning tricks with two pistols or revolvers
More details about this system, including the unique unlocks for the Trader and Collector Roles, can be found at the Rockstar website.