Farewell Early Access.
The Blackout Club key art

The co-op horror game, The Blackout Club, is now available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One after having a lengthy run on Early Access. This game will retail for $29.99 (USD) normally but there is a 10% discount for the first week of the game's launch.

It's available through Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Xbox Store.

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Poised to offer one of the most unique online co-op experiences of 2019, The Blackout Club takes Question's history with atmospheric horror (Thief, BioShock 2) and mixes it into the ominous neighborhood environment of Redacre where players are limited in their tools of survival.

In The Blackout Club your friend has gone missing and all mysterious activities happening within Redacre go unnoticed by the adults. At night, the boogeyman known as ‘The Angel’ haunts Redacre, using the hypnotized adults as spies to help it track down the club. Those committing sins are hunted by this entity, which is only visible when the player closes their eyes. Players must work together to help save their missing friend and uncover the truth about what is happening under the surface of this sleepy town.

South Park Digital Studios financed the production of The Blackout Club.

Even though they weren’t creatively involved, Trey Parker and Matt Stone jumped at the opportunity to work with Jordan Thomas again. Parker, Stone and Thomas first collaborated while working on South Park: The Stick of Truth and South Park: The Fractured But Whole. In regards to The Blackout Club, Parker and Stone said, “We love Jordan and the game turned out amazing. We are stoked we got to help him make his game."

Built on months of Early Access feedback, The Blackout Club launches today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One with loads of new content for current fans and exciting new experience for those who have been waiting for the final release. Early Access players will notice a huge map expansion, adding nearly double to above-ground map and new connections within the maze. On top of this, The Blackout Club has received massive optimization over its development, with key bug fixes and polish along with new character and hideout customization.