Diablo Immortal screenshot
A new report from Kotaku's Jason Schrier says that Blizzard pulled a Diablo 4 announcement from BlizzCon ahead of the annual event. Last week, the single Diablo reveal was for Diablo Immortal, a new game coming exclusively to mobile devices running Android and iOS.

Naturally, people were upset. This is despite Blizzard and the Diablo developers saying that they have "multiple teams working on different Diablo projects" but they would not talk about all of them during BlizzCon 2018.

Like, fans know a Diablo 4 is coming, but the rage continued as loudly as a child being denied a piece of candy. Despite this prior reassurance, Blizzard still apparently wanted to reassure fans that Diablo 4 was in development. According to sources speaking with Kotaku, those plans changed just prior to BlizzCon.

It's seems reasonable to assume that Diablo 4 just isn't in any state to show off yet. It doesn't seem unreasonable to assume that fans would have remembered that Blizzard already tampered expectations literally weeks ahead of BlizzCon while also giving a not-so-subtle wink and nod that Diablo 4 is coming.

Did these people want to see a logo? That's probably about all that would have been shown off, if anything. Has it not been obvious enough that a Diablo 4 is coming? Given the outrageous and very over-the-top reaction, apparently not.