World of Warships
Wargaming announced that a "huge new update" is coming soon for their free-to-play game, World of Warships. First and foremost, this update will see the addition of submarines to the game. In addition, this update will also include some special Halloween themed scares.
First off, as part of the annual and always anticipated Halloween in-game event, Wargaming is adding a spooky new addition that’s sure to change up gameplay in exciting ways - submarines! Subs add a whole new dimension to the game - literally! Now you have the whole undersea to prowl, as the Halloween event will see the addition of new sinister submarines. Once the event is over, Wargaming will take a look at the effect that adding this new element has on the game, and evaluate how best to completely integrate submarines into World of Warships - permanently! If all goes according to plan, players can expect more subs across multiple nationality tech-trees in 2019!

Wargaming has even more in store for the end of the year for those playing World of Warships.
Wargaming is aiming for the end of this year to incorporate a new update that will see a rebalancing of aircraft carriers and a reworking of how they play in-game. Carriers will become more action-oriented, as one of the most significant changes includes direct aircraft squadron control, allowing for much more freedom - and the addition of three types of available squadrons (torpedo bombers, dive bombers, and attack planes). Along with those two key changes, players will have the ability to call fighter squadrons to patrol the current player location and engage enemy planes.

And now back to the whole submarine thing. I have a bit more information on this to share with you, courtesy of Wargaming. Before that, check out all of these screenshots for the submarines and the Halloween event.

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The community has been wanting submarines since day one, because of their importance in naval warfare. However, they rarely took part in fleet battles due to their vulnerability. The team has been trying out different concepts, but it was very difficult to find the right design to implement in the core game. That is until the beginning of this year when new and most promising concept so far was envisioned.

The core experience is inspired by actual accounts of WWII submarine warfare, as well as cult-classics such as Das Boot. The experience can be summed up in: anticipation (stalking enemy), fear (fragile but deadly) and satisfaction (attack and disappear).

Submarines will also add a new dimension to gameplay—depth. Players can freely maneuver between surface, periscope and submerged depth. These stances will impact sub’s concealment, speed and its ability to attack. Bringing realism to the forefront, the sub’s oxygen level is a gameplay mechanic and the vertical dimension is crucial to avoiding a sub’s main counter—depth charges.

Subs will only have weapons in their torpedo tubes that can be launched independently, they will also have a dedicated loading system and the possibility of more than one torpedo model in a single submarine. As with many new concepts, it will be trialed with a time-limited event, during Halloween 2018 event, that will start in October.