Throughout March, Wargaming wants to celebrate both St. Patrick's Day and March Madness in World of Tanks on consoles. Starting on March 16, new in-game events will be unleashed, plus new content, and special missions.

Players can look forward to "The Luck of the Irish Op" from March 16-18. Players can earn free War Chests that include "a random selection of treasure and goodies for every ten battle victories they secure."


For the March Madness fans out there, a Tank Madness tournament will take place. Czechoslovakia takes on China in a battle from March 16-18. Sweden takes on the United States in the final bracket on March 23-25.

Wargaming also notes that the Chinese vehicles WZ-1201G FT and WZ-111 will be added to the World of Tanks store starting March 20. They are also going to be released in a Mega bundle, or sold separately in Ultimate, Loaded, and Base bundles on April 9.