In a move that would indicate that hell has frozen over, H1Z1 has finally left Early Access today. In addition to this relatively surprising move, it launched alongside a new "Auto Royale" game mode.

Auto Royale is probably exactly what you think it is.
o Sedan: Nimble car with faster acceleration and higher jump clearance, allowing skilled drivers to quickly evade enemies.
o Armored Recon Vehicle (ARV): Offers more stability, making it easier to drive for new players, but has less turbo fuel efficiency.
o Drops include vehicle repair kits, environmental buffs, fire extinguishers, and vehicle armor.
o Power ups include smoke screens, high-octane fuel, turbo boosts, and oil slicks.
o Pick-ups include landmines and corrosive smoke.

In true H1Z1 fashion, Auto Royale is in a beta stage. It will have more updates as the weeks (or years) go on. However, the big news is that H1Z1 is now a fully realized game that is totally not a beta. Here is what today's launch features. H1Z1 can be yours for just $19.99 (USD).