Meet the Protagonists of the Upcoming Sci-Fi Adventure ECHO


  • Meet the Protagonists of the Upcoming Sci-Fi Adventure ECHO

    Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones, The Good Fight) and Nick Boulton (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice) provide the voices of the main protagonist, En, and London, a sentient starship.

    These two will serve as your two main protagonists in ECHO, an upcoming third-person sci-fi adventure that hits the PC first on September 19 and the PS4 at a later date.
    A character-driven story of introspection and discovery, ECHO thrusts En and London together into an uneasy - and unlikely - relationship, with the peculiar ship taking particular dislike to his new passenger.

    However, things quickly develop into something much more unsettling, forcing the pair to work together in order to discover the secrets held within The Palace - a bizarre structure, deep in the depths of space. Stepping into the shoes of En, it becomes clear that The Palace studies everything you are, everything that you do; in order to use it against you.

    As The Palace begins to generate deadly copies of En, you must use all of your wit and cunning to outmanoeuvre and outsmart the deadliest enemy of all: yourself.

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