Bandai Namco announced today that Pac-Man Vs. will be one of the titles included in the collection of games with the Namco Museum. The Namco Museum will be released on the Nintendo Switch on July 28 for the total of $29.99 United States dollars.
PAC-MAN VS. is a four-player game originally developed by Nintendo in 2003 under supervision by legendary game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, and the original creator of PAC-MAN, Toru Iwatani. In PAC-MAN VS., three players work together as the iconic ghosts and hunt down the fourth player, who has taken on the role of PAC-MAN, as they evade the ghosts and clear the maze of Pac Dots. Two Switch units are required to play as up to three ghosts play on one console and the PAC-MAN character plays on the other.

Fret not weary game collectors, Pac-Man Vs. isn't the only game included in the Namco Museum.

And now, you will enjoy these new screenshots and trailer from the Museum. I said enjoy them!