CasinoRPG is a social MMO and simulator of a Las Vegas or Atlantic City, where gamers have fun gambling with each other and building their own casinos and slot establishments. At first glance, CasinoRPG looks like The Sims but set in Nevada. However, unlike the brainchild of Maxis, this game offers an open city in which players can interact with each other and make money on the desires of others.

Casino RPG

CasinoRPG offers standard casino games such as poker, roulette, and one-armed bandit. Jackpots from a casino allows the player the possibility to build their own gambling establishment, complete with a bar, blackjack and "entertainment." Also, you can get in the game an apartment or condominium somewhere in a prestigious area of ​​the city and invite friends to a party. CasinoRPG is completely free and available from Windows Store for both PCs and Smart Phones, so you can get your own mobile casino for free.