Block N Load, a game that on the surface combines base building ala Minecraft with a fast-paced FPS, is now free to play. Developer, Jagex Games Studio, made the announcement today alongside a fairly major update to the game.
Block N Load now includes a daily challenge system that gives players objectives that have to be fulfilled either within a single match or 24 hours. Challenges come in the form of multiple conditions, including gaining a certain number of kills or completing specific actions, and allow players to generate a flow of gold bars that can be used to purchase new Heroes and Perks.

The introduction of a Perks System in Block N Load allows players to further customize their Heroes, so they can play how they want. Unlocked with gold bars, there are more than 55 Perks to choose from, including some that improve offensive and defensive capabilities on the battlefield. The update also sees the arrival of three recently announced Heroes: master of electricity, Vander Graaf; J-Pop kitty-launching, Kira-chan; and the always frosty, Yury the Yeti.

Block N Load: free-to-play features

You can check out Block N Load on Steam or you can watch the new trailer for it (below), or do both. Go on, I won't tell anyone.