How do you kill that which has no life?

As the headline implies, someone in World of Warcraft decided to hit level 90, the current level cap, without ever leaving their starting zone. The player, Doubleagent, decided he would buck the trend of the Pandaren race and not choose a faction. See, once you hit level 10 as a Pandaren, you have to choose to be either Horde or Alliance. He decided not to do that and thus never left his starting area.

How did he level up? He mined and picked herbs. He mined and picked herbs since September 2012. After a total of 173.5 days of actual in-game play time, level 90 was reached. If you take into account just the amount he paid in monthly subscription fees, he spent about $315 over 21 months. That does not include the price of the game or the expansion.

Isn't this BORING?
At times I can find it relaxing, a change from the normal. Plus it's pretty easy to do when I have TV shows or movies that I need to catch up on, moreso than trying to do that during a battleground or raid.

Well that is certainly a thing.