Parade, a free periodical that is included in the Sunday subscriptions for 640 newspapers in the United States, has already tallied up the votes for the entirety of 2014 for their "Product of the Year Awards." No, it's alright that the year is just shy of two months over, there will be no silencing the people!

They have declared that the Xbox One is a Product of the Year!

The results of who should win this prestigious reward were determined by those who bothered to fill in the limited survey of pre-determined products after the list was narrowed by a "jury of industry professionals." A "panel of 40,000 American shoppers" were then surveyed and the Xbox One came out on top. It stands atop the consumer world, alongside the new baby wipes from Huggies and quality frozen Mexican food from Ruiz Foods. Adams Flea & Tick Home Spray also made a solid showing this year.

In the comments section of the Parade results page Taylor Buley seemed quite happy about the results, saying:
"I think I need to do some product testing on this Xbox One"

ivanlopez, also from the comment section at the bottom of the page, shared similar sentiments:
"Go X1!"

The only other comment on the page was from cleorudolph, who seems to have just gotten so overcome with joy at this outcome that they could only muster three simple, yet poignant, words:
"Leave a Comment"

Congratulations to Microsoft on effectively winning the console war for 2014. Better luck appealing to those who still read the newspaper in 2015, Nintendo and Sony!