A thread over at NeoGAF points to some alleged leaks from Microsoft concerning upcoming Xbox One releases. These include, but are not limited to: Halo 2 Anniversary Edition is slated to be released later this year since Halo 5 is allegedly delayed. The HD-ified version of Halo 2 will include access to the future Halo 5 beta, however.

The multiplayer for Halo 2 will be included. The Anniversary Edition is from the same team that worked on the Anniversary Edition of the first Halo game. There will be two retail versions of Halo 2 AE. One will just include the game and beta access to Halo 5. The other will reportedly include the game, beta access, and ports of Halo 3 and Halo 4 for the Xbox One.

The leak also points out that Crackdown 3 is apparently in development but won't be released until at least 2016.

The first DLC for Titanfall will apparently arrive 45 days after the game's release. A new Gears of War game is at least 2.5 years out still. Sunset Overdrive is reportedly on track for a Fall 2014 release. Quantum Break is apparently coming this Holiday 2014 season.

Forza Horizon will reportedly see an Xbox One release in the Fall with a "super sexy weather system", co-op, 1080p resolution, and open-world environments.

There is also a white Xbox One that may be released to the public. It may arrive in October alongside Sunset Overdrive and it may also be released alongside a new controller. The white Xbox One has been independently confirmed by The Verge.

There may be a 1TB Xbox One released in November. A special Xbox One for Titanfall was also teased (see the top image). Other independent sources have confirmed that the Titanfall branded Xbox One is legitimate.

That is the bulk of the major information that was "leaked" tonight. Many are already speculating that this was a deliberate and controlled leak of information to the public. Keep in mind that while some of these things are confirmed to be true, there may very well be a good deal of made up information included in this leak.

Take everything you see and read with a grain of salt when it comes to the rumors listed above.