How much of a washed-up, alcoholic, has-been idiot must someone be to sue a company thinking they used your likeness when the actual model that was actually hired revealed over a year ago what the reality is? According to TMZ, that doesn't much matter if you're Lindsay Lohan because she is suing Rockstar Games for allegedly using her image as the basis for the "bikini girl" used in promotional items for Grand Theft Auto V and/or potentially over a few in-game missions involving a wild actress that goes after paparazzi.

Yes, this is real.

Sure, there are some missions in the game featuring a character that may perhaps be based off of Lohan, but she sure as hell isn't the "bikini girl." Additionally, the game is full of stereotypes and it can easily be said that any of those characters could be based off of countless others.

For reference, the actual model for "bikini girl" is Shelby Welinder.

She was hired back in late 2012 and even produced the invoice as proof that Rockstar hired her to be the model. It can only be assumed right now that Rockstar Games is too busy laughing to care and that Lohan is trying anything possible to get another paycheck.