Valve going one week without a Fest challenge (impossible).
Text: Next Fest - A celebration of upcoming games. October 09 - October 16 at 10AM Pacific.

Valve just announced that the next Steam Next Fest will begin on October 9th. Unlike the previous Fest, which is the still ongoing Steam SHMUP Fest, this one is a Fest for everything. Everything? Everything. The Steam Next Fest: October Edition will run from October 9 through October 16 at 10AM (PT).

As is the case with all Fests, big and small, this Steam Next Fest will feature tons of free demos for you to try out. These demos will mostly be for games that aren't yet out but will hopefully be out soon. There will also be developer streams and chats.

Valve released a new trailer for the Steam Next Fest: October Edition, which you can peep your peepers on below.