Are you ready for some football (and probably other sports)?!
Text over a background showing different sporting equipment that says: Steam Sports Fest. May 15 - May 22 at 10 AM Pacific.

I bring you good news, sports fans! Starting on May 15, Valve kicks off the Steam Sports Fest that will include all kinds of discounts and demos for anything and everything even remotely sports-like on Steam.

Valve says that the Steam Sports Fest will celebrate a wide range of sports games and sport-adjacent games. It'll have football (both kinds!), bowling, parkour, and more. It will even have sports games where you don't even play the sport but you manage the heck out of an AI that does play it. Wild stuff. Wild stuff and exciting times. Truly.

The Steam Sports Fest runs from Monday, May 15, 2023 at 10AM (PT) and ends May 22 at 10AM (PT). Discounts, demos, maybe some streams, and free stickers are all a part of this event. Check out the trailer below and get ready for SPORTS.