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Something from Valve may be headed to a console near you soon. This seems to be what Valve co-founder and current president Gabe Newell, was hinting at during a recent public Q&A session at a New Zealand public school.

Newell was asked if Steam would be "putting any games on consoles" or if it would just stay on PC.

He responded that we will "get a better idea of that by the end of the year."

Now, does this mean that Steam itself will get a presence on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S? Maybe. It could also be that he was referring to specific titles from Valve appearing on these new console platforms. Maybe we'll see Half-Life Alyx make the jump to PlayStation VR 2. Maybe Valve will release (and actually maintain) a current-gen version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Maybe Team Fortress 2 will be updated. Hell, maybe this just means that the Half-Life games are coming to Switch.

At this point, it's really anybody's educated guess. The logistics of getting Steam on to a console seem to be the most complicated as you are then dealing with multiple third-parties.

You can see the original video upload via the Half-Life section of Reddit, as uploaded by user Odysseic.