[ATTACH=CONFIG]19488[/ATTACH]Valve sent out word earlier that there is a major revamp coming to the Steam Curator system. To those unaware, Steam Curators is a way for actual human beings to suggest games to the Steam community at large. These Curators are typically led by people that range from influential YouTube personalities, game enthusiasts, critics, journalists, and the like.

The system has been a mixed bag of hit and miss. A big focus for this total revamp from Valve is an overhaul in how Curators can interact with developers and publishers. Other areas of focus include the ability to directly embed videos, a big plus for those who do video reviews on YouTube. Valve provides some much needed additional details in their latest Steam announcement.
What changes are coming?
Over the three years since introduction of Steam Curators, we've gathered a lot of feedback from all kinds of perspectives. We've heard from players, from curators, from streamers, from game developers, and from all kinds of other tastemakers and content creators. The feedback is clear that the system needs to do a bunch of things better in order to work well for the three primary sets of people it's trying to serve: players, curators, and game developers.


Valve's update to the Curators system will also benefit developers according to remarks from Valve. A new system has been built up for this Curator revamp that Valve is calling "Curator Connect." As mentioned previously, this new system will allow developers to more easily connect to relevant Curators through Steam. These developers can then more easily send copies of their games to Curators. Curators themselves can also get a good reference for the Curators thanks to the addition of Curator snapshots that show social media accounts, followers, Twitch presence, and more. Developers can freely send games to any Curator at any time. The Curators themselves can then accept or decline the free games. Accepting the game automatically adds it to the Curator's Steam account.

A beta is kicking off today and will run for a few weeks. Those in the beta are free to talk about their experiences.