Rocket League is a great game. It's become insanely popular even in the competitive gaming world along with those who just want a fun game to play casually. Valve has noticed how popular the game has become and wants to make it even more popular. Today, Valve announced that Rocket League is headed to SteamOS and Mac platforms later this year.

To mark this upcoming SteamOS release, Valve and developer Psyonix teamed up to give everybody that pre-orders (old and new) any Steam Hardware device a free copy of the game. The hardware includes Steam Controllers, Steam Links, or Steam Machines. If you haven't pre-ordered any Steam Hardware device yet and don't own Rocket League, you can get Rocket League at a 10% discount if purchased in the next couple of days.
"User reviews, sales of Rocket League on Steam, and its surging rise among eSports enthusiasts make it clear that the game is an absolute sensation," said DJ Powers at Valve. "In addition to being tremendously fun, our testing shows it plays brilliantly with the Steam Controller. So it was a natural decision for us to work with Psyonix and offer it to gamers free of charge when they pre-order a Steam Hardware device."

"We're extremely excited about SteamOS and Mac," said Dave Hagewood, Founder and President of Psyonix. "Our PC players have already proven how much passion they have for our game, and this is a great opportunity for us to bring Rocket League to an even wider audience inside the Steam family"

If you already own Rocket League, you can give your hardware pre-order copy to a friend that wants the game.