Today, a new Steam client update was released alongside a new policy that will allow you to request a refund on a purchased game for any reason.

This even applies to DLC and in-game purchases under certain conditions. This new policy goes hand in hand with some of today's changes made in the new Steam client update.

Changelog for Steam for June 2, 2015

- Added integration with Steam Refunds and Support Site
- Reduced the delay when reconnecting to Steam after waking from sleep or changing networks
- Reduced the amount of disk space necessary to decrypt a preloaded game
- Fixed the "Quit" option in the offline-mode startup dialog box not quitting Steam immediately
- Fixed odd menu behavior when clicking between Steam windows while a menu is visible
- Fixed a bug where AltGr+Key on non-US keyboards would trigger Ctrl+Key shortcuts
- Fixed bugs when using Alt+Left/Right (Mac: Cmd+Left/Right) to navigate main window history
- Fixed keystrokes in web views being diverted to the Find popup even after it is dismissed
- Fixed choppy framerate when watching broadcasts or videos in a background window
- Fixed situations where the Status menu checkmark could disappear or otherwise not match your actual online status
- Reduced length of the suggested folder name for backups of multiple games

Big Picture
- Fixed a bug where the web browser would not scroll to the top when "Home" is pressed
- Improved support for collecting information during pre-purchase checkout
- Fixed a rare bug that could block users from completing Big Picture login after a password reset
- Fixed a bug that could cause disabled UI elements to incorrectly appear active

In-Home Streaming
- Fixed a bug that blocked reconnection to the host for a short time after ending a stream
- Fixed a bug where attaching a Xbox 360 Controller mid-game could generate unexpected controller input

- Fixed a bug where Steam windows could move completely off-screen if maximized on a secondary monitor which contains the taskbar and is to the left of the primary monitor

Mac OS X
- Fixed a bug which rendered black pages instead of web content for some users
- Added Command-[ and Command-] hotkeys for forward and back navigation
- Reduced energy impact of leaving Steam running in the background

- Improved font appearance of cross-language CJK characters when running with Japanese language settings
- Fixed an issue under network settings that would show invalid/missing networks as configurable