I feel like we've seen this before...
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Just a couple of weeks back, right near the end of March, we brought you a story about a Call of Duty: Vanguard player that was caught cheating by himself. Today, yet another player outed themselves live on stream, with the only difference being the way it all played out.

Vanguard's second highest Ranked Play leaderboard position is held by a player known as "pplehx." pplehx also seems to enjoy streaming his gameplay on Twitch. Problem is, pplehx is a cheater. And how do we know that he's a cheater? Because pplehx's cheats were visible to everyone watching his stream for a brief moment.

And now, thanks to the beauty of the Internet, pplehx and his cheating ways can be shared to everyone on the Internet who weren't there to see it live. You can see the obvious wallhacks showing where the enemy players are starting at around 5 seconds into the video in the embedded tweet below.

Who needs Ricochet anti-cheat when you have these people exposing themselves like this?

Now, there are a number of ways you can go about responding to situations like this where you were caught red handed. You can go silent and pretend like nothing happened. You can offer a sincere apology and promise to never do it again while also accepting some form of punishment. Or, you can try to make up excuses, or blame someone or something else for what you did.

Guess which one of these pplehx went with?

In a statement issued after being exposed for using cheats, pplehx said that he only "started getting the hacks for camos." Yes, he admits to cheating, admits to purchasing cheats, and says that he only did it... to unlock camos.

The full response from pplehx can be seen in its entirety below. Special thanks to CharlieIntel for this one.

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